Learn the easy way To Play The Piano With John Tesh

Learn How to Play John's Legendary Basketball Theme and More Songs Without Learning to Read Sheet Music!

No Sheet Music-No Music Theory

My CLN (Chunk, Loop, Neuro Practice) approach breaks down learning into simple steps so you can begin to play more quickly

Learning Piano as a Beginner Protects Your Brain

Enhance your cognitive function, strengthen your dexterity, and boost your mental health through the joy of music.

The Ultimate Family Bonding Experience

Learn at your own pace. Share the joy of learning to play piano & your brain boost with your children and the grandkids.

Forget Reading Sheet Music: John Tesh's Simple-to-Follow Method Transforms

Beginners into Pianists in just 3 Days

Don't put it off any longer! My Quick Start videos will have you Playing Right Away

Thank you for putting this course together. I learned to play the piano as a child, learning to read music, music, theory, etc. and part of the reason I put off, taking up the piano again in my golden years now it's because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to play without being able to read the

music anymore. So your method means I can get a new opportunity to re-learn an instrument that I've always loved.


 "John Tesh's music is #1 choice by kids, mom is happy. Our young children love this music. Tesh has created some unique sounds that are fun, uplifting and soothing. Our four children range in ages of  4months to 5 years. Tesh's music comes highly recommended."

  • - Tracy Boyd


Do I need a Piano or Can I Use a Keyboard?

A keyboard is absolutely fine. In fact, I practice and perform on both a keyboard and a Grand Piano. Having a keyboard with 'weighted' keys is always best for keeping your fingers strong. But even an old Casio or an organ will do

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Do I have to Have any Prior Experience on the Piano?

No. After reading a few of the comments from students, I've included an additional module for each song called 'EASY PIANO VERSION' which includes 'TWO FINGER MELODY' videos. This also includes 'hand placements' and 'super slow' versions of each section of the songs.

I Already know How to Play. Will this be too easy for me?

If you are already comfortable at the piano, Just select the 'MID-LEVEL' section which still includes looping and slow practice, but it's a quicker route to the end result.

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Watch this sample of the type of online teaching you'll find in my course

Learning songs is Awesome! So is developing a Bigger Brain!

Studies show that adults have stronger focus and dedication than younger learners, making your age an asset.

You won't just experience the joy of learning to play but you will boost your mental and physical health.

Benefits Include:

Brain Health: Engaging with musical pieces stimulates brain activity, promoting new neural connections.

Increased Coordination: Regular interaction with the piano keys fosters improved hand-eye coordination and physical responsiveness.

Memory Boost: Learning and performing music exercises your memory, reinforcing both recall and recognition abilities.

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While you're learning you'll have Access to my Private Online Community!

  • Separate Beginners & Intermediate lessons

  • Learn with Looping: Detailed, Step-By-Step Lessons

  • Enhance Brain Health with Slow Practice Learn to play John's most popular songs

  • Join Our Community: John's Private Group

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